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Default Re: State of the Nation

Originally Posted by nosa2 View Post
You're both right and wrong in this post, yes corruption leads to a waste of government resources but what you're not addressing is the root cause of it? Why would a British civil servant not steal to the extent of his Nigerian counter part? It's simply because the Nigerian society doesn't frown on it, and it's not that Nigerians think stealing is good but rather they're just too poor to stand up for what they believe.

If the economy was functioning and people had decent, secure, private sector jobs, they would challenge the political class but as long as you have a dysfunctional economy talking about tacking corruption is a waste of time. And as I've stated before we won't fix the economy until we cut down the powers of the labour unions.

Obviously I expect you to disagree and I'd appreciate if you could explain to me how you intend to tackle corruption in a country where the lower class are better off being pets of the upper and upper-middle class of society.
Talking about the causes of corruption. There are many but we will limite it to few that you just mentioned broadly. You talked of Poverty. This I totally agreed with you but not from the angle you think. I should think it is poverty of moral social value system rather than financial poverty. Why do I say so? If you have ever been to India for medical tourism you will understand the true colour of financial poverty and yet they are contended with what they have and they are few cases of stealing public fund compared to nigeria. (2) Poverty of national patriotism. There is clear case of hatred for our country by public servants. How can you steal from our country and take it away. This impoverish us the more an India man once told my Oga once that both nigerian and India are thieve, while the India steal outside and bring it into india to develop india the nigeria steal from Nigeria and take it outside to Impoverish our country. Today we can see the result India is far ahead of nigeria. (3) failure of justice/law system. Where justice is not done in cases people mind are tuned toward evil. I advocate that a law should be enacted that where a public servant is suspected to have falseful enriched himself while in office such should be confiscated and returned to the state and such a person serve prison term to serve as a deterant to others. Having said so how do we solve corruption in our country. We should bear in mind that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric. of the country and will take effort and time to remove however the good news is that it can be removed. I advocate strengthen of the justice system of the country.(2) introduction of moral instruction and reward for moral values in our school system at least to preserve our younger generation. The anti corruption agencies should be given more power and headed by people with integrity and Good standing in the society. Moreover the Good work of anti corruption crusade by NOI in cubing corruption in oil subsidy should be commended. Other people who have done similar things should be commended too. Labour reaction to the government policy is as a result of lack of trust in government and should not be killed.
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