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Food for Thought

Posted 6th November 2011 at 08:15 PM by Salida


Let me start this write-up by asking this question to all SMN members: what is the Universal Currency in the world?

I do not have more than you and you do not have more than me. Though this currency is doled out in equal proportions, the way we value this currency shapes a lot of things in our lives.

This valued currency is “Time”. We all have 24 hours in a day. Was that the expected answer?
I knew many might have been thinking of Pounds, US Dollars or the Euro as the answer.

Time is such a valuable asset. Little wonder Mike Okri once sang the song “Time na money”.

How valuable is the God-given 24 hours of the day to you as a Student, Employee, Entrepreneur, Investor, etc?
In my walk in life, I have found that there are actually 4 categories of people in this World. These categories are highlighted below:

Category I: People with no of time and no money

No matter how fat your salary is as an employee, you may neither have enough money nor time. An employee can’t decide not to go to work for a whole week. He or she cannot even fire his boss. Most employees can even save money in their pension plan that can to last for 2-3 years.

Category II: People with lots of time and no money

A lot of unemployed youths, villagers, college drop-outs, just to mention a few falls into this category.
With the social structure in most African countries, some unemployed youths have a lot of support sometimes from their friends and family to get them out of this stage. However many are helpless and for how long can even the support from friends and family members last?

Category III: People with no time and lots of money

Many professionals, small business owners and self-employed people fall into this category. They generate a lot of revenue which is tied to their time. They render services either on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Category IV: People who has got time and lots of money

Many Commercial landlords, owners of big enterprises and corporations, and Investors fall in this category. They are in already in a stage whereby their money is already working for them.

As thought-provoking as this might be, we are currently at one of the highlighted category/phase in our life pursuit. The progression from one phase to another is dependent on a lot of factors. One of it is how we invest our universal currency. Opportunities come to the well prepared.

What category are you today? Which category do you desire to be tomorrow?

While some passed through all these stages to arrive at their desired destination, some even got double promotion and leapt frog one of the stages.
It is one thing to desire to be like Warren Buffet or our own Dangote, however it takes a lot of discipline, valued investment of the universal currency, and sacrifices to move from category I to category IV.

Happy Investing


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